Art at the Heart CIC Stay at Home Projects

Art at the Heart CIC Stay at Home Projects
posted 17 May 2020

Art at the Heart CIC usually run art classes at The Core for adults, youths and children. Although all current art classes and projects have come to a standstill, they have set up a project in collaboration with Tektura Wall Coverings, as a way to help the community, supporting wellbeing and spreading positivity during the Covid-19 ‘stay safe at home’ period.

Over the next couple of months, they will be putting a call out for artwork on different themes. All you have to do is create artwork in any medium based on the theme, take a photograph of it and email it to Art at the Heart CIC when you are finished. Make sure to add the first name of the artist together with their age and email to 

Be sure to keep the original artwork for the exhibition and keep contributing to projects as they are released!

The first of these projects is Project Hanami…


PROJECT HANAMI (17th April - 31st August)

The Japanese custom of Hanami celebrates the arrival of spring. Translated, “Hana” means “flower” and “Mi” means “look”.

  1. Flower painting

Find some blossom or spring flowers and make a painting of them. Work from pictures if you don’t have access to real flowers.

Use colours that capture the fresh vibrancy of spring. You could include a vivid blue sky like the picture above. Try to avoid black outlines around the flowers.


  1. Flower pressing

Put flowers between two pieces of newspaper before popping into a heavy book. Leave the flowers for a few weeks to dry.

Create a journal entry. Where did you pick the flowers? Why did you choose those flowers? What went through your thoughts that day?


  1. 3D paper flowers

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Create 3D origami flowers and share a message – who is it for? 

Your flowers with messages will be turned into garlands for a community art installation.


PLEASE CLICK HERE to visit Art at The Heart CIC’s website, and find out more about their “stay at home” projects or email  if you want to find out more.