BLOG Spotlight on ... Donna Taggart

BLOG Spotlight on ... Donna Taggart
posted 06 Jun 2018

Ever since it was announced that Donna Taggart would be bringing her first UK Tour to the Core Theatre, there has been a real buzz in Solihull over the Irish singer. Sure enough, the tickets started selling fast, and tonight (Wednesday 6th June) Donna is performing to a full house!


Having flown in from Northern Ireland this morning, for the start of her 11-day UK tour, I was thrilled when Donna agreed to have a quick interview with me earlier on before the show.


I have listened to her single, “Jealous of the Angels” countless times, and it was lovely to meet her in person. I was able to chat to Donna about her music, and how she became an internet sensation … even if she doesn’t quite consider herself ‘famous’ yet!


Donna was brilliantly down to earth and could not have been any lovelier if she tried! Please watch the video below, or if you would prefer to watch it on YouTube, click here.