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FAQs - Attending The Core Theatre during Covid times

FAQs - Attending The Core Theatre during Covid times
posted 14 Jan 2022

Q: Do I need to wear a mask?

A: Government advice since 8th December is that face masks should be worn in public places, including Theatres. Masks must be worn in the Theatre but can be taken off if seated with food/drink in Encore Café bar only.  This does not apply to those with medical exemption or are under 11 years old.

Q: Do I need an NHS Covid Pass to attend?

A: Only at venues over 500 capacity, so NOT at The Core Theatre.  However we advise you take a Lateral Flow Test before attending and do not attend if the result is positive.  All staff are taking these tests prior to attending on performance days. 

Q: Will staff be wearing masks – is there sanitizer available?

A: Yes.  Staff and Volunteer Stewards will wear masks whilst Bar and Box Office staff are behind plastic screens. Gel and masks are located all around the venue for customers use. We ask that you abide by all current Government rules in place at the time of your visit.

Q:  I have tickets to a show, but with this new strain I’m worried about attending – can I have a refund?

A:  Sorry no. At the time of purchase (whether online or via Box Office) you confirmed that you understood tickets are not refundable, in line with all sporting events, entertainment and cinema, we’re unable to refund simply because a customer has changed their mind about attending.

Q:  I've failed a Lateral Flow or PCR Covid test and have been told to isolate. Can I have a refund?

A: Yes, you must NOT ATTEND if you have tested positive or have symptoms of Covid and are awaiting the results of a PCR test.  We request a copy of a positive test or confirmation that you’ve booked a PCR test.  Please contact us as soon as you know your theatre trip is affected.  Staff can complete a short checklist (or download it here and email it to us) BEFORE we can authorise a refund, so don’t delay your request or simply not turn up for your show.


Q: When should I inform the theatre I cannot attend due to Covid?

A: As early as you can – so that we can try to resell your tickets.  Notification of not attending should be made by phone: 0121 704 6962 or email in advance of the show you are attending.

Q: I was attending with others – will you refund all tickets in my party?

A: Under some circumstances yes, but only if they reside at your address and are part of your household.  For example, if you had 12 tickets for a friends/family trip and one person tests positive, you will not ALL get a refund as most can still attend and are unaffected by the positive test so will not have evidence that isolation is required.  The fact that someone else in your group is unable to attend is not grounds for a total refund for the whole party.  This can be discussed when the staff complete their checklist as we would not expect people to attend alone.  Each case will be different.

Q: I’ve been on holiday and have not received results from my mandatory PCR test, can I attend?

No – you should follow government guidelines and isolate until a negative result is received. Don’t delay informing us as we can’t resell your tickets for you AFTER the show is passed.

Q: Can I have a refund when this is the case? 

A: No. But if you can provide proof of your travel dates and PCR test booking, we’ll create a credit account for you to spend on tickets at a later date. This is gesture of goodwill, subject to proofs provided and giving us prior notice before the show.

Q: Does this apply to my whole group attending the show?

A: Not unless they have all travelled and are all awaiting PCR results.  Each case will be taken on its own merit, but the important thing is to contact us, get a checklist completed and staff will advise you. Proofs will be requested as mentioned above.

Q: What if the Government Guidelines/Restrictions change?

A: We, as a venue will abide by all current rules and regulations in place at the time.  If regulations change we will take advice from Solihull Public Health Team to ensure the safety of staff, performers and patrons.


We’ll do our best to keep our customers fully informed via our website, phone and social media of any important changes so please do follow us on Core Theatre Solihull or visit our website regularly to check.


Please note: Our Box Office staff give priority to customers in front of them at the counter, rather than phone, to enable ticket collections for performances,  so calls may not always be answered promptly.