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Music Monsters at The Core!

Music Monsters at The Core!
posted 08 Jan 2020

Music Monsters at The Core!

 Music Monsters is a family-run Solihull class that is vibrant, diverse and fun. The idea of Music Monsters is to make music lessons accessible to everyone, and these classes have been written to ensure that your babies and children receive the very highest quality of music education - right from the beginning! 

There will be four weekly classes taking place on Thursdays in the Studio at The Core, each one aimed at a specific age-group.

 DINKY MONSTERS for Newborns to 5 months (11.50am – 12.20pm)

This class is an introduction to music-making with your baby! The 6-week course will give you an insight into all the wonderful ways you can help your little one to thrive with music. Every week has a different theme. (£20 for 6 weeks)


MINI MONSTERS for 5 months to Crawling (11.10am – 11.40am)

This class introduces you to dozens of Early Years music and play activities. It’ll give you a comprehensive bank of ideas for you and your little one to enjoy together. (£30 for 6 weeks)


WIGGLY MONSTERS for Crawling to 20 months  (9.40am – 10.10am)

Wiggly Monsters is for all of those babies that are on the move!  These classes will allow your baby to continue their musical development, while helping them to find some independence as they move around the space. (£30 for 6 weeks)


MISCHIEF MONSTERS for 20 months to 3 years (10.25am – 10.55am)

A music class for bright, inquisitive toddlers, combining singing, movement and instrument work. We aim to teach children the fundamental elements of playing music, develop their listening skills, and inspire a love of creativity. (£36 for 6 weeks)


Each of the classes are paid for in 6 week terms, in which every week features a brand new theme, instrument fun, and the chance to learn with Monty The Monster! Classes start on Thursday 9 January and places can be booked online at HOOP, and you can find out more on the Music Monsters website at