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Online Seating Plan

Online Seating Plan
posted 31 Aug 2021

Unfortunately, our online seating plan (which allows customers to choose their own seats online) has been out of action since the termination of Adobe Flash Plater. We were planning to update our online ticketing system, and resume this service in early 2021. However, our planned system update was  postponed due to the effects of Covid-19.


Good News! 

We plan to update our online ticketing system from 1-3 November. Once we've done these updates, the Interactive Seat Map should return. Please not that Box Office service may be disrupted during this time, but more information will be available closer to the time.


Can I still buy tickets using the Core Theatre website until then?

Yes indeed you can!  You can look at the seating plan online here or download a printable copy here and when you select seats to buy (using the ‘best available’ method) you can check to see where the seats are within the seating plan. Please note that this is a seating plan showing the full 336 seats in the theatre. It is likely that some of these seats will have been purchased already, so you will only be able to choose available seats.


What happens when I choose 'Best Available'?

You cannot currently select your own seats from the plan, but you can use the ‘Best Available’ sales flow. Briefly this will sell tickets in order of what we at the venue consider to be our best, or most popular blocks of seating. 

This goes in the following blocks from first to last; front centre, middle centre, front sides, middle sides, back centre, back sides. Row A is at the front nearest the stage, Row P is at the back.


If you have any queries or questions or prefer different seats, our Box Office counter is open, but staff are solo working, so during busy times please leave your name, number and brief query and someone will call you back.  (NB: when we call, our number will show as caller withheld as we are part of Solihull Council Switchboard system – so don’t forget to pick up!).  Call 0121 704 6962. Current opening hours can be found here.