Photography Course on sale!

Photography Course on sale!
posted 23 Jul 2018

Light 52 is a popular 10 week photography course run by Richard Pearce, a photography lecturer. This course is the third of three levels, Beginners, Intermediate and Advance.  Course fee £100.

You don't need to have completed any previous levels to book yourself onto courses, but we don't refund if you find the ability level is not suitable.

The workshops are aimed primarily at non-professional digital SLR users, but are suitable for compact and film camera enthusiasts.  The sessions are a mix of instruction, hints and tips, practical exercises, picture reviewing and assignments.

Progression to each level is optional, you may join at Beginner's or Advanced without completing Beginner's but no refund will be given if the starting level is not appropriate for your knowledge or ability.  Here are basic contents:

Beginners Level

Getting to grips with the basics and technicalities of your camera, Principles of picture-taking  and topics including modes, mega-pixels, resolution, exposure, histogram, white balance metering and focus.  Aiming to make you competent and confident.

Intermediate Level

Explores different types of photography with new trials and challenges. Topics include nature and wildlife, landscape, urban, still life, portraits, close up, light trails and panning.


Still aimed at the non-professional, but taking your skills further, with encouragement to create a body of work or portfolio.  photographic style, high key photography, low-key photography, exploring colour, Exploring black and white, silhouettes, wworking with shadows, Joiners/Collage, Reportage/Photo Essay, Off Camera flash.

Adult course - aged 18+ starts on 23 January. (young people aged 16+ can participate subject to arrangement with Tutor Richard). The next level will start in April 2020.