Quick Questions with Ken

Quick Questions with Ken
posted 20 Dec 2018

Ken is one of our most frequent customers at the Core Theatre, along with his wife Dee! It was lovely to chat with them before a show, over a cup of coffee and a cake in our Encore Café. It was great to listen to somebody who visits the theatre almost as much as I do!


Who do you usually visit The Core Theatre with?

My wife Denise – Dee for short.

How often do you come to The Core Theatre? (How many shows do you have booked up for the rest of the year, so far?)

We come to the Core approximately once every two weeks. For example, in 2018 we have been to 23 shows – and may well book some more later in the year as they are announced.

How long have you been coming to The Core Theatre?

I moved back to the Midlands from London some 8 years ago and started coming to the Core (or Solihull Arts Complex as it was then) soon thereafter.

Do you remember what your first show was? Can you remember what it was that brought you to the Core in the first place?

Unfortunately, I cannot remember our first show. It was likely to have been a concert rather than musical theatre.

The initial attraction would have been the good variety of shows on offer – plus the relative ease of travelling from Binley Woods (a village between Coventry and Rugby)

What do you like about the Core Theatre in particular?

Where do I start?

  • You have a great variety of shows, many of which suits our tastes.
  • You make tickets available well ahead of time, enabling us to plan ahead.
  • Your website is clear and easy to use.
  • Car parking under the theatre is easy and very convenient.
  • Your seats are comfortable with plenty of leg room.
  • Your cakes are delicious and great value for money!

However, the thing that really makes you stand out is your staff – box office, front of house and bar staff. They are all so friendly, polite, knowledgeable and helpful.

A lot of our regular customers have favourite seats or rows in the theatre. Do you have seats you always like to sit in … and why?

C7 & C8. Just above stage height so a great view. Far enough back to be able to see the whole stage, yet close enough to be ‘part of the action’. End of the row to enable me to stretch out my legs (I’m 6’1”).

We have a lot of shows that return year on year. Are there any shows you come to see here on a regular basis?

Quite a few:

  • Joe Brown
  • The Manfreds / Blues Band
  • The Simon & Garfunkel Story
  • We’ve Only Just Begun (Carpenters tribute)
  • MYJO
  • Stand Up & Rock / Brum Rocks
  • Barnhart / Huxley (jazz)

Have you got any particularly fond memories of a time here at the Core? Or any funny memories?

To be honest, no. We have seen so many wonderful shows (and one or two not so wonderful) at the Core but nothing that has any specific special memories. We just come along and have great time.

Recent shows that we really enjoyed include:

  • Spamalot – wonderfully funny production by a local theatre group
  • Ricky Cool & The In Crowd – great 60s blues
  • Joe Brown (‘Just Joe’) – brilliant, as always

Is there anything that you'd like us to do differently?

To be honest, I cannot think of anything you could do better – everything seems to be just fine (although you might want to consider repainting to corridor to the toilets in a more attractive colour!