Bollywood & Bhangra Dance Workshops

Bollywood & Bhangra Dance Workshops

Fun dance classes for ages 6-14 years in Studio - TICKET OFFER!  

Dance like a Bollywood Star in this fun class led by Aruna Kailey. Bollywood is Indian film Dance. Learn easy to follow dance steps along to vibrant music. You'll love it!
Promotes balance coordination builds self confidence and boosts self esteem.

Bhangra is an exciting dance from the farmlands of India. Class led by Sohan Kailey.
In this class learn cool Bhangra steps fused with street style to give a funky edge.
Dynamic music. Classes promote balance coordination builds confidence and boosts self esteem.

Both classes lead happier and healthier lifestyles.  Fun sessions for young people  to take creative journeys around the world and more.  Ideal for young people age 6-14 years.

Bhangra tutors Sohan and Aruna Kailey take you on a musical dance journey across India and around the world with unique and fun instruction in Bhangra and Bollywood dance. The classes are as follows and all sessions cost £5:

August 6 - Bollywood Dance at 2.45pm-3.45pm in Studio

August 9 - Bhangra Dance at 11am-12 noon in Studio

August 13 - Bollywood Dance at 2.45pm - 3.45pm in Studio

August 23 - Bhangra Dance at 11am -12 noon in Studio


Bring a friend (or family member) free when you buy a place on these dance classes.  However you must obtain a ticket for them from Box Office, so if buying online please arrange with box office to reserve your free ticket - subject to availability.


Sessions cost £5 each and last one hour. *Free ticket with each purchased, but must reserve at Box Office to guarantee availability.

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