Folk It Painting Workshops

Folk It Painting Workshops

Folk painting workshop for adults.

So you think you can’t paint?

Well, Helen Brewer will show you how easy it is to create such beautiful designs without having had any previous painting experience. In these sessions, she will show you step by step how to paint simply beautiful designs using simple dotting and one stroke techniques.  

Regrettably, Session 1 has been cancelled, but Sessions 2 and 3 will go ahead as planned. Helen is looking to cover the material from Session 1 (see below) in the following two courses so anybody hoping to do session one will still be able to learn the skills. 

Session 1 - This will teach you how to paint beautiful dotty roses. You will also learn how to create a vintage distressed paint effect to decorate a hanging heart and greeting card which will make your projects look a 100 years old! 

Session 2 - In this session, we will introduce the comma stroke to create simple, yet beautiful, bluebirds. We will look at how to tip the brush to produce a blended stroke. And, of course there will be some dotty painting! 

Session 3 - This session will introduce you to the pretty daisy design. Using both the comma stroke and dotty painting, you will be amazed at how easy it is to produce such lovely projects. 

Learn to paint, relax and meet new people! What better way to spend a few hours and create your calm? 


Let's get dotty about painting!

£15 per session. 

20 places available. 

Book either  or both sessions 


£15 per session, 20 places available. Book onto 1, 2 or all 3 sessions - adults only.

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