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Vicki Gorman Art Classes

We’re delighted to start re-introducing our Art classes, which will return with some important and very necessary changes. 

We’re delighted to start re-introducing our Art classes, which will return with some important and very necessary changes. 

Our first priority is to protect attendees, tutors and staff at The Core and so we’ve considered carefully how to manage classes with minimal contact.  Change is always difficult for the first few weeks, so we’d ask all attendees to read all sections below carefully and follow the new ways of attending designed to keep us all safe, if you have any concerns or questions please discuss with Vicki prior to booking.

  • Arrive no more than 15 mins prior to their class start time to prevent any queuing. 
  • Facemasks should be worn to enter The Core.  Art class attendees will be allocated an oblong table in the Gallery and should sit there every week. Facemasks can be removed once seated at a table, but if you walk about, stretch your legs, or visit the toilets, please wear a mask while moving around and keep 2 metres from others.
  • Please use Anti-bac gel each time you enter or leave the Gallery.
  • Tables are cleaned/ sanitised before and after classes.  The first class starts at 9.45am allowing extra time for cleaning.
  • Bring your own drink but no food or Café bar take outs are allowed.
  • No visitors will enter the gallery during classes. No one else uses the Gallery on Thursdays.
  • Vicky will fill up water jugs. No one else can use the sink so please bring baby wipes/plastic bags for paintbrushes.
  • Vicky will sit in the middle of the gallery when demonstrating, with tables placed strategically around. Please watch Vicki from your table, without moving it. We’ll endeavour to keep tables facing inwards without anyone facing people’s backs.
  • Markers will show 2 metres but if Vicki needs to get closer to discuss your work, please be prepared to use your face mask during that part of the class, as will Vicki.
  • Neither Vicki, nor any other attendees should lend anyone art materials/ equipment.
  • During end of session discussion of paintings Vicky will display these on her demo easel and you can remain seated at your tables.
  • Vicki will be creating a forum on her website so you can share ideas and work, similar to how the class communicates through WhatsApp but will focus on what was covered in the classes.
  • Please respect that others might be anxious to keep away from strangers, so may not wish to chat. Similarly, please leave the Gallery promptly to allow the cleaning regime to begin and chat outside in Theatre square if you wish.

Anyone with Covid 19 symptoms should NOT enter The Core. All attendees should follow Government test and trace advice, particularly after being in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid 19. Attendees will be credited if any classes are cancelled.

For any art class enquiries, please email:

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