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Getting Into Art

Getting Into Art

Art at the Heart's 2020 Young Artist's Exhibition (Rescheduled)

This exhibition imagines the people and animals that populate Norse mythology from frost giants to dwarves, wolves to eagles, cows to serpents as well as the worlds in which they live. Our Norse Mythology project was cut short by lockdown and many of the artworks remain unfinished. We have been debating whether we should revisit these or just move on.

The ambitious scale of the work has been made possible with the generous donations of large scale papers from Tektura Wallcoverings. We are able to use these to help our students develop big imaginations–a skill that will be much sought after in the 21st Century.

As well as providing a valuable resource for our work, using surplus paper from Tektura supports sustainability. A large proportion of the material that we use in our artworks is recycled.

And lastly, we owe a big thank you to Neil Gaiman, whose stories from “Norse Mythology” we used as inspiration for all the artworks.

Free exhibition

Open during library hours

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