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Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful

Free event celebrating new work in Solihull.

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Culture@Solihull has funded 20 small commissions from artists acosss the borough and the wider West Midlands. We've invited film makers, poets, theatre makers, musicians, painters, photographers, dancers, crafters - to bring us a new piece of work that they'd develop further and we're sharing these with our audiences and visitors to The Core.

Small is Beautiful – Culture in Solihull

Culture in Solihull will brighten the darkest grey January day as the Borough’s flagship venue The Core hosts a special Small is Beautiful day of activity.  This very special event is on Thursday 27th January and all are welcome to enjoy the varied work by dropping in to take a look, listen, watch or simply soak up the visual art and exhibition pieces.

The Courtyard Gallery hosts work by four artists from 24th Jan onwards with a further projection piece of artwork in the main Library area and other work displayed in the Library entrance foyer and staircase. On the first floor an interesting Graphic Novel piece will be displayed in the Heritage Gallery space and a Virtual reality experience takes place nearby during the evening.

Live proceedings kick off with mini-performances and projection in the main Library performed throughout the afternoon from 2pm, whilst puppetry and mini-performances take place in the Children’s Library between 3.30pm and 6.30pm for younger audiences.

The Studio will host dance, a monologue, theatre and music/rap sessions which are repeated at 50min intervals until 8.45pm.  Whilst in the main theatre a trio of works including an electronic music piece, a film piece and playreading take place from 6.30pm onwards.  Giving visitors the chance to see all three pieces, combined with other events this presentation is repeated every 45 mins with the final performance starting at 8.45pm.

These exciting mini-commissions are free and designed to allow Core Visitors to dip in and out of the various activities taking place around the building. Many of which can be enjoyed throughout the evening and Encore Café bar will be open from 9am till close. Join this varied and interesting afternoon and evening - tickets not required just turn up.

About the Artists

Visual artists include; Janet Tryner, a Coventry-based visual and digital artist plus Irish photographer Caitriona Dunnett now based in the West Midlands and documentary and ethnographic photographer Elle Walker.  Artist and entertainer Hannah Elsy provides Cartoon pieces whilst Vicky Wyton-Mills present portraits of Ralph Road allotments.  Tye Forde exhibits his light-hearted pop art and upcycled pieces with Sarah Fowler showcasing her craft based fine art Mandalas on the ground floor.  Works displayed in The Courtyard Gallery will remain in place during the week.

In other areas of the building Richard Rudge presents a graphic novel on the first floor whilst Tammy Woodrow and Sujatha Menon, co-present a sculpture and poetry collaboration.

Live performances are repeated throughout the evening in the Studio, Library and Theatre including; spoken word written and presented by Claire Jones, a one-to-one VR experience with Anna Nierobisz plus a short documentary film by Carl Woods.  Writer Wersha Bharadwa presents stories of Ugandan Asian exodus whilst writer Liz John presents a monologue with regional links.

In the Library from 3.30pm at regular intervals System of Strings aka Jack Davies and James Blake-Butler will present playful and engaging family puppetry whilst composer and performer Natalie Roe presents an electronic music piece.

Musical artist and producer Cree Amory-Reid will perform rap as CreezOn whilst Amber Gollay presents a short one-woman show featuring multiple characters.  Dance duo Martha Harrison and Daz Scott performing as Calico present a dance piece celebrating everyday mundanity.

Performances are short and repeated at regular intervals with tickets not required – just turn up and wander around The Core to enjoy these fragments, developments, research and layers as audiences and viewers are the final ingredient in the mix. 

Gentle and honest feedback is welcomed about these new and often inspiring works in progress. 

Everywhere starts somewhere, with a small step.  Because – Small is Beautiful at this multi-disciplinary mini-commissions day at The Core and everyone is welcome.  A programme will be available.



Free - non ticketed

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