SMS : OsOsicIII performance

SMS : OsOsicIII performance

Tickets available on the door.

This performance will feature all secondary schools coming together to form a mass orchestra. The performance will be a celebration of what the pupils have learnt during the day.

Please note that performance times have changed, as of 8th February 2019.

The concert will now be starting at 5.15pm.

We ask that parents arrive on the school grounds NO EARLIER than 4.30pm to avoid issues with car parking and traffic.

Solihull school have had to change their car parking policy (addressing safeguarding issues) which mean parents can only access one car park to pick up pupils. School finishes at 4.00pm which would mean all of our parents arriving at the same time as solihull pupils leaving which will cause mayhem and potentially be dangerous.

Therefore we have had to put the performance time back by 45mins starting at 5.15pm to 5.45pm (with our parents arriving at 4.30pm onwards).

Start time: 5.15pm, Car parking available from 4.30pm onwards


Bushell hall.

Ticket Price: £3 and £2 cons.

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