The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

A Photography Exhibition led by Richard Pearce

PHOTOGRAPHY has the ability to draw our attention to details that are easy to miss.


This enables us to see things in a different way. The look on a face, a moment of dramatic action frozen in time, the simple beauty of the pattern or colour in a plant.


This exhibition, The Extraordinary in The Ordinary, invites you to look at, and reflect upon, features of the world around us and to see the unusual and beautiful – the ‘extraordinary’ in the every day.


Buildings and townscapes emphasize the relationship between colours, shapes and scale; flowers isolated against a pastel background, so creating a painterly feel, highlight the patterns, texture and uniqueness of the blossoms; an ‘ordinary’ filing cabinet, abandoned and rusting in the undergrowth, reveals the relationship between the man-made and the natural, and creates an unusual juxtaposition of elements; a door, quite ordinary in itself, suddenly becomes extraordinary, if not positively surreal, when seen in the open in a different and unexpected environment.


But photos don’t just ‘happen’. They are the result of how the person taking the picture has viewed the world, and skilfully drawn on techniques such as lighting, exposure, composition,  perspective, use of aperture, shutter speed and so on, to create the image.


The photographers featured here are all keen amateurs. Many have completed the Light 52 Photography courses run at The Core, or others such as City and Guilds or HNC. All are members of a friendly and supportive photography group, run by Richard Pearce, at Heart of England Arts, Patrick Farm Barns, Hampton-in-Arden.


Exploring the unusual or extraordinary doesn’t mean forcing something to look ‘quirky’ or contrived. It can simply mean appreciating what’s in front of us, having an eye for the detail or what makes it different, seeing the relationship between things in a particular way.


The photographers in this exhibition are passionate about photography, and have cast their eye on the world around them. They hope you enjoy their images, as they explore the eye-catching and ‘extraordinary’ in the ordinary and everyday.



If you would like to find out more about the photography sessions mentioned above, contact:


The Core Theatre, Solihull for Light 52 Courses

Tel: 0121 704 6962


Richard Pearce for Patrick Farm Barns and Light 52

Tel: 07986370723


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