The Whiskey Brothers - Free Festival Jazz

The Whiskey Brothers - Free Festival Jazz

Free Jazz performance in Encore Cafe Bar 

Join our live free Jazz session in Encore Cafe Bar as part of Birmingham, Solihull & Sandwell International Jazz Festival 2018.

It’s the mark of true blues players that they see the possibilities, and not the limits.The Whiskey Brothers are like that. They’ve dared to take on some well-worn standards, armed only with a piano, a mandolin and a melodic voice with frayed edges.

The Whiskey Brothers’ strange journey has taken them from band to band, club to club, festival to festival, and now to the recording Sstudio for a live and unedited album.

Join them in Encore for their free live show.


Free 2.30pm start - Running time approx 1hr - possibly two sessions

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