Ovations is a fully stocked first-floor bar, upstairs on the first floor near the entrance to the Theatre. It means audiences will now have the choice of either exiting at either doorway, popping out to either the spacious ground floor bar servery or the new Ovations bar and seating area.

A great place to meet friends before a show or have a drink and chat during show intervals, why not take a look upstairs during your next visit to The Core. 

Opening Hours

Ovations is open during performance intervals.

Drinks Menu: 

Fairtrade tea
Mug  £1 / Teapot  £1.25
Herbal / flavoured tea bags  £1.95 (single)


Fairtrade filter coffee small £1, reg. £1.85

Americano  £2
A rich full bodied coffee. 

Espresso  £1.80
A shot of rich full bodied coffee served as a small measure with a head of golden brown creama.

Latte  £2.40
An espresso with hot & foamed milk.

Cappuccino  £2.40
Creamy rich milk foamed espresso coffee sprinkled with cinnamon, chocolate or nutmeg.

Cafe Mocha  £2.75
Dark chocolate espresso & hot foamed milk with whipped cream & chocolate sprinkles.

Hot Chocolate  £2.40

Made with hot milk, topped with choccy sprinkles.     

Deluxe Hot Chocolate  £2.90

Topped with cream, choc syrup & marshmallows. 

Miniccino  85p
Foamed milk, choc sprinkles & marshmallow topping.

Frappe (various flavours) £2.50
Long iced milk drinks with flavoured syrup. 

Cold Drinks

Retro glass bottle of Coke, Diet Coke
Coke Zero / Fanta / 7 Up (330ml bottle)  £1.50

Fruit Shoot (330ml bottle)  £1.25

Water - still/sparkling (330ml)  £1.35

Frobishers fruit juice (330ml)  £1.75
Apple, orange, cranberry, bumbleberry mix

Glass of cordial  50p

Fresh milkshake  £2.40
Thick chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or banana shake served with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Glass of milk  £1