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Diwali:  Light Shadows and Neon too!

Diwali: Light Shadows and Neon too!

Enjoy Diwali themed family friendly activities at The Core!

Join us to celebrate our annual Community Diwali event–a series of family friendly creative activities and new interpretations that you, the community have helped shape over the past 5 years. Diwali celebrations are presented at The Core in partnership with Art at the Heart CIC on Saturday 29th October 2022,10am - 3pm. 

Diwali is the festival of lights, celebrating new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. The word Diwali comes from the Sanskrit word deepavali, meaning "rows of lighted lamps”. It’s all about inviting good things into your life – health, wealth and prosperity..

This year you can take part in: community lantern and rangoli pattern-making; Indian block printing; you can help us re-tell the Diwali story through miniatures, maxiatures, poetry, dance, and shadow puppet-making (followed by a community performance).

There'll be lots of drop-in events and you can add your good will messages to the community light wall and help light up community sculpture –we’ll be collaborating with Aston University to explore new technologies–watch this space! Children can also enter our annual art competition for a chance to win prizes and see their work displayed alongside Emerging artists in an exhibition in the Courtyard Gallery. 

For more information and resources please visit ART AT THE HEART CIC

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  • Sat 29 October 10am - 3pm

Some workshops are payable and some are free.  Full details will be shown when known.

Age - any

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