Fine Art: Studies of Light & Shadow Reflected in Architecture

Fine Art: Studies of Light & Shadow Reflected in Architecture

Exhibition by Christopher Shorthouse

Regrettably due to the closure of The Core and the Courtyard Gallery within it, we are not yet sure if this exhibition will take place as planned and is therefore suspended.Once we have more information about when the Covid-19 Regulations might allow us to reopen, we’ll contact the exhibition organisers and agree whether their dates will go ahead or be rescheduled.We know the planning and hard work that goes into staging an exhibition and we look forward to displaying their work in our Gallery soon.


Created in Pen and ink, acrylic, charcoal and chalk, on paper.

Chris studied at art College for four years achieving a first class BA honours degree in fine art.

The pieces displayed here have been previously exhibited.

Here, Chris creates beauty in the structures by combining a treasury of shadows with the character of natural light. Surface-reflected light diminishes darkness, but in so doing creates a play of shadows in the process. These shadows frame the pools of light, inviting an atmospheric quality of peace, calmness, and mystery. The architecture acquires form and meaning. Its quality is transformed as its contours and textures become more defined, and depths revealed in all its complexity.

For those who appreciate fine art, these pieces will be definitely worth paying a visit.

Chris went on to work as a computer illustrator/editor for 28 years, producing curriculum educational Illustrations for A level students. Educational illustrations will also be exhibited, concentrating mainly on biology. Chris did all these illustrations freehand using only a mouse, which demonstrates his skill as an artist.

Chris passed away on the 29th of August 2019. His degree portfolio has not been displayed for 24 years, and his educational art only ever displayed in curriculum factsheets. In his honour, the family are proud to display his art work for everyone to enjoy and appreciate his highly skilled artistic talent, for one last time.

Displayed on behalf of Christopher Shorthouse.

1971 -2019


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