Nicholas Crane - The Making of the British Landscape

Nicholas Crane - The Making of the British Landscape

Author, geographer and cartographic expert.

Nicholas Crane is an author, geographer, cartographic expert. He has been the lead presenter on more than 80 BBC films including hugely popular BBC2 series Coast. Also for BBC2 he has presented Map Man, Great British Journeys & Town, Britannia. He holds two bicycle-related world records with his cousin, Dr Richard Crane.

His most recent book, Why Geography Matters or a Brief Guide to the Planet is a short celebration of geographical knowledge and will be published in paperback on March 19th next year.

Nick presents The Making of the British Landscape - or Our Island Story: which tells the illustrated 12,000 year story of Britain’s physical evolution from the Ice Age to the Shard, from hunter-gatherers to farmers and city-dwellers.

Including amusing tales and observations from 10 years of presenting over 80 BBC programmes.

With Q&A.

Duration: 1 hour 50 mins incl interval and Q&A

Age: TBC

Tickets: £20

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