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The Kilkennys
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The Kilkennys

The Kilkennys perform a rousing night of Irish music in the Studio at The Core!

This show was originally scheduled in our main auditorium but is now going ahead in the Studio at The Core. All existing ticketholders have been contacted and allocated new seats.


Kilkenny city is famous for its long history of brewing fine IRISH ale and beer.  The brewery may be gone, but the music plays on.  The Kilkennys are the first group named after the beloved marble city.  They are also the first band named after an Irish city in 50 years - since Luke Kelly and company started under the name The Dubliners. 

The Kilkennys, Ireland's newest balladeers come from a city steeped in music, history and folk culture.  The band's following is growing internationally and their upward curve has been sure and steady.  With passion and pride, The Kilkennys play old Irish folk songs and new songs of their own.  Much like the monks of St Francis Abbey who first brewed ale 350 years ago, The Kilkennys are meticulous craftsmen.  They pour their hearts into their music.  Their tunes flow from the source: Kilkenny, a wellspring of Ireland's oldest beer and finest music.

The Kilkennys have been named Ireland’s Most Successful International Folk Band winners in the Sunday Worlds Country Music and Entertainment Awards. The highly prestigious award show was held in Mullingar on Monday 5th February 2018, where the band performed and picked up their award. It is the most competitive year to date, with the highest number of award submissions. More than 500 entries were received this year, from a wide array of bands from different genres and honours were presented in over 20 categories.

With over a decade of touring with The Kilkennys, Davey Cashin said: “It was an honour to perform at the awards show this year, and we are delighted with our win. 2017 was one of the best years to date with our European tour and trip to India, it didn’t go unnoticed and it really means a lot to us. We love touring, getting a chance to share traditional Irish folk songs and the history behind those songs to all our fans across the globe.


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Tickets: £24

Running time: Approx 2hrs + interval

Age: Any

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