Armstrong vs Pantani, 2Magpies' restaging of the dramatic battle in the Tour de France 2000 on Mont Ventoux. 

Ventoux is a restaging of the dramatic battle between Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani in the Tour de France 2000 on Mont Ventoux. 

Once regarded as the greatest race in the history of cycling, we now know that both Armstrong and Pantani doped during their careers. 

At the time both were champions in their own right - Pantani winning the Tour de France in 1998, and Armstrong winning in 1999.

In 2000 they went head to head on Mont Ventoux. They crossed the line together but their careers spiralled in wildly opposite directions. 

Armstrong won seven consecutive Tour de France titles; Pantani died of a cocaine overdose alone in a hotel room.  Armstrong denied, lied and cheated where Pantani was caught. Ventoux restages this race, knowing everything that we now know in 2015. 

With a pair of road bikes, stunning footage of Mont Ventoux and actual race commentary, 2Magpies bring the excitement of the Tour de France to the theatre.

Ticket price £14  Start time 8pm Running time 60 mins no interval Age Range: ANY

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