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Exhibition by Mark Tilley

Exhibition by Mark Tilley

A Courtyard Gallery Art Exhibition

Mark TIlley presents a gallery exhibition, taking place in The Courtyard Gallery at The Core from Monday 29 April to Monday 20 May.

Artist’s Statement

My career was dedicated to marine engineering in the Royal Navy. My lifelong Interest had been life drawing so subsequentially I came to qualify in sculpture and practise successfully. After years of knocking pieces of steel, hot or cold, into a sensuous result it is refreshing to be exploring the possibilities of two-dimensional work. I am finding it easier to be more narrative, more personal and to examine concepts and sensations.

Drawing is essential to sculpture, but one does tend to live in a black and white world. Inevitably this experience is evident in my current work, a crude pallet and comfort with a purely tonal approach. Art for me is complementary to activity, walking, sailing, cycling. So, media must be portable and handy. Hence my preference for robust sketch books, pencil, crayon, and charcoal. I do not sit down on the job.

The print has come from another direction. There is a family tradition in producing a personal Christmas Card each year which I try to maintain. Rationalising design, cutting blocks, and wielding the press fit well with sculpture. My hope is that this collection will be viewed as a unity.

Mark Tilley,  Sculptor,  M.A. Fine Art

Telephone 01564 773136



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 Monday 29 April to Monday 20 May

The Courtyard Gallery, The Core

FREE Entry

Open during Library Opening Hours

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