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This verbatim inspired one-woman show follows the experiences of Ukrainians in Solihull.

On the 24th of February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. And so began the largest European refugee crisis since World War II. In the year that followed, over 8 million Ukrainians fled the country.

During March 2022 the UK Government introduced two new visa routes to allow those affected to come to the UK. The Ukrainian Sponsorship Scheme - Homes for Ukraine, and the Ukraine Family Scheme. Arrivals peaked at over 8,000 in May 2022. Communities mobilised and people stepped forward.

Last year, Bostin' Creative began to search for the stories of those who had settled in Solihull. But the dictionary definition of that word, in both English and Ukranian, is muddled.

'To Settle' is to come to rest, to establish oneself, to find peace and to build a life.

But also - to pay? To accept?

  • How can a person settle when everything feels temporary?
  • How can you begin to reflect, when the war rages on?
  • And fundamentally - what do people actually need?

Beyond the paperwork and the tick boxes, who are the communicators on the ground making a real difference? What can they teach us?

This verbatim inspired one-woman show features three unique stories of generosity and true community spirit. Welcome boxes and WhatsApp groups. Immigration, racism and resistance. Plus a game of BINGO and a Ukrainian Ladies Cricket Team! HOWZAT?!

With special thanks to the inspirational Victoria, Andy, Bashir, Rachael and Nataliya.


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Venue: Studio at The Core

Start Time: 7pm

Tickets: £5

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