Art Club in the Holidays: Tropical Jungles

Art Club in the Holidays: Tropical Jungles

Regrettably we’re unable to offer our fun holiday Art Sessions as planned here at the Core, but in partnership with Art in the Heart, we’ll soon be back planning more great creative sessions for all ages and these will go on sale as soon as we have them confirmed.Keep visiting our site to find out when they will return as we know demand will be high!


Whatever the weather outside, we'll be painting jungle creatures in hot, hot colours!

Swap Playstations and iPads for Art Club this holiday! Children explore, enjoy and express themselves through colour, line and shape: they will develop visual vocabulary and emotional intelligence and have FUN! We are qualified art teachers with 25+ years experience in arts education.

All materials provided. Advisable to come in older clothes.

Duration: 2 hours

Age: 6+

Price: £10

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