Solihull Arts Complex

Gentle Chair Based Yoga

Gentle Chair Based Yoga

With Marie Kennedy

Join this fun, fitness class for people of all ages and ability with or without physical difficulties (carers welcome).

A gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair or standing, using a chair for support. Chair based yoga exercises can promote circulation, flexibility, balance and boost confidence. Ideal for anyone..... but especially those with Parkinson's, dementia, obesity or other conditions that can make exercise difficult.

£6 per session

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  • Wed 27 October 11.30am
  • Fri 29 October 11.45am
  • Wed 3 November 11.30am
  • Fri 5 November 11.45am
  • Wed 10 November 11.30am
  • Fri 12 November 11.45am
  • Wed 17 November 11.30am
  • Fri 19 November 11.45am
  • Wed 24 November 11.30am
  • Fri 26 November 11.45am

£6 per class (from 1 Sept 2021)

Please note there is no £1.50 booking fee on weekly classes booked online.

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